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McAfee Endpoint Encryption

1 About McAfee Endpoint Encryption 1

As required by OMB Memorandum 06-16, USDA has chosen to encrypt laptops with McAfee Endpoint Encryption (MEE).  MEE provides full-disk encryption that protects data stored on a laptop.  In the event that a laptop is lost or stolen, it is guaranteed to prevent the data from being accessed by an unauthorized person.

McAfee Endpoint Encryption is a suite that provides protection for important data, helping us prevent information loss and maintain business continuity. Continuous security can be applied no matter where your laptop or mobile devices is located. Below are some of the benefits of using McAfee Endpoint Encryption:

• Ensures data integrity, consistent security, and business continuity

• Secures data on all devices including laptops, removable media, and mobile devices

• Extends protection to more types of data including customer information, intellectual property, and employee records

• Simplifies security management using McAfee ePO for centralized deployment, administration, auditing, and reporting

• Easily enforces company-wide security policies and meets compliance requirements


1 System Requirements for Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet endpoints 1

Operating systems

  • Microsoft Vista (all 32- and 64-bit versions)
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server SP1 or higher

Hardware requirements

  • CPU: Pentium-compatible
  • RAM: 128 MB minimum
  • Disk space: 5–35 MB available, depending on localization and number of devices
  • Network connection: TCP/IP for remote access


1 Password Requirements 1
  • Cannot use same password until the 25th change
  • Password must be changed after 90 days
  • Password change warning 4 days prior to expiration
  • Minimum password length: 10 characters
  • Maximum password length: 40 characters
  • Not case-sensitive
  • Requires:
    • 1 alpha
    • 1 numeric
    • 1 alphanumeric

Locked Accounts

  • Your Endpoint Encryption account will be locked if you mistype your password 5 consecutive times
  • Contact MLIT if you need your password unlocked




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